Why People Give To Nonprofits

written by Will Gray
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Nonprofit professionals want to learn more about why people giving? Read on! In this blog post, we’ll cover the fundamental theories of giving and how they apply to major donors and the nonprofits they support today. We’ll also talk about what donors get out of their generosity. 


Stronger Sense of Community

Many donors give to strengthen their communities. They may feel a sense of responsibility to contribute to the organizations they care about and want to see thrive. Others may enjoy the feeling of being part of a larger group that is working together towards a common goal. Whatever the reason, donors often report a stronger sense of community as one of the main benefits of giving.

Feeling Connected to a Cause or Nonprofit

Donors also often feel connected to the causes they support. They may personally connect to the reason or believe in it strongly. When donors think about a cause, they’re more likely to continue supporting it over time.

Sense of Achievement

Donors can also experience a sense of achievement from their giving. This can come from seeing tangible results from their donations.

Here are three more reasons why people give back to their community.

  • To strengthen the community from within
  • To contribute to something larger than themselves.
  • To make a difference in the world.

Leaving a Legacy

Sometimes people want to give to your organization simply because they want to leave a legacy. Others may donate because they want to build their name through philanthropy. 

Here are three reasons why people would want to leave a legacy.

  • To improve their society
  • To provide basic needs or education
  • To build their name through philanthropy

The reasons vary from person to person, but there are some commonalities. People today require more than just food and shelter, so those donating now focus on other causes such as environmental protection and social justice or issues like homelessness.

Wrap Up

In this blog post, we’ve covered the fundamental theories of gift exchange and how they apply to major donors and the nonprofits they support today. We’ve also talked about what donors get out of their generosity. Understanding why people give is essential for nonprofit professionals who want to cultivate lasting relationships with major donors. By understanding what motivates donors, you can create a unique giving strategy that appeals to them.

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