Master the Art of Gratitude: How to Write a Thank You Note That Leaves a Lasting Impression

written by Will Gray
5 · 05 · 20

When planning any event or celebration, it is essential to remember that a thank you note is an element that is just as important as the invitation. There are many traditions surrounding the writing and sending of thank you notes. Becoming familiarized with these traditions is essential to help write the perfect letter.

Thank you note in a red envelope

When should you send thank you notes? 

Thank you notes can be sent for any occasion where guests offer gifts or services. In many cases, it is proper to send a thank you note for the guest being a part of the special event. A celebration or special event typically takes quite a few people to keep things organized and simple to get things done. A thank you note is the perfect time to recognize all the attendees have done to help make the occasion special. 

What should a thank you note contain? 

Thank you notes can come in a variety of styles and themes. While some letters will have thank you written across the front, it is traditionally accepted to send a blank card. This leaves more room for personal messages. Remember to address the attendee or donor. Reference their gift (especially for significant contributions). Thank them and give them your regards. Thank you notes should always be handwritten when at all possible. Tasking different team members can more easily do this by writing out the letters for specific groups of guests. Maybe Manager A can write out one batch of notes for guests with the last names of A-D, or Manager B can handle the other batch for guests from Organization B-D. In the case of a huge event, it is okay to have printed notes, but try to at least sign and include a personal greeting and message, even if you create it via form or mail merge.

In most cases, remember that a typed or template thank you message is too impersonal and does not genuinely convey thanks to guests. The good idea is to purchase thank you notes simultaneously as invitations. These notes should coincide with the theme of the event. This will save time in the long run and help to keep a consistent theme.

Why are they important? 

These are important to show appreciation to the guests who made the event possible and successful. They should be sent promptly following the event. It is helpful for those writing the notes to do so quickly, so the possibilities are still fresh in mind. 

Wrap Up

Thank you notes allow people to sit down and write out thoughts on paper to guests, and when handwriting letters, people typically can express feelings that cannot be conveyed simply by a verbal thank you or a phone call. They are the finishing touch to any event. Whatever the occasion or reason, sending thank you notes should not be pushed aside or forgotten. It is the guests who help make the event, and it is the guests who shape the guests of honor. Without the guests, they would not be who they are.

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